Guidelines for registration, delivery and collection of competing portraits.

Hand-in of portraits for Portrait now! must take place in the period from January 24th to February 3rd 2017, during weekdays between 9 and 16. The Hand in stations are not open in weekends. It is important to check with the local responsibel contact before handing in the portrait. Contact persons can be found at the bottom of each adress below.

In connection with the registration each artwork will be assigned an ID-number. It is important to keep this ID-number through the competition. All artworks will be viewed and assessed anonymously and the jury will only refer to the ID-numbers. The artwork must be applied with visible ID-number. For paintings, graphic works etc. apply the Id-number on the back.

The international jury will inspect the artworks at Frederiksborg Castle by the end of February 2017. Artworks can be delivered at the following addresses for transport to Frederiksborg Castle:


Modul Air Cargo.
Avedøreholmen 46,
2650 Hvidovre
Contact Thomas Larsen: 3695 4300

Modul Air Cargo.
Stiftsvej 13,
7100 Vejle
Contact Tina Erritsø Egeberg: 7580 6596

The Museum of National History
Frederiksborg Castle
3400 Hillerød
Contact Hans Henrik: 28135415
(Only open for delivery 11.00-15.00)


Korngarder 2
104 Reykjavik
+35 45 60 07 40
Att.: Valgerður Geirsdóttir
Sími / Phone: +354 560 0731
GSM / Mobile: +3548560715
Fax: +3545600780 /


Susanne Hoffman
Tel +46 8 681 49 60
Direct + 46 8 681 49 66
Fax + 46 8 18 53 80
Mobile +46 707 35 89 18


Norair Forwarding AS
c/o GF Logistik AS
Brages veg 8
2050 Jessheim
Kontakt: Tore Hansen
Telefon: +47 33 48 79 00
Aftal levering med Norair Forwarding AS på forhånd
Kontakt: Egil Iversen
Telefon: +47 63 94 39 60


ATC Global Solutions Oy Ab
Koivulehdontie 2
01510 Vantaa
Office +358-(0)20-7856660
Fax +358-(0)20-7856661

Norlink hf
Brekkutún 3, PO Box 162
188 Hoyvík
Tel.: +298-308282
Fax: +298 308281
mobile. +298 588288
Jóhann Simonsen

Royal Arctic Line A/S
Aqqusinersuaq 52
Postboks 1629
3900 Nuuk
Telephone: +299 34 92 90
Fax : +299 32 24 50
Majbritt Kofoed

The artwork must be packed for transport. All the artworks submitted in the different designated hand-in stations will be transported to Frederiksborg in special transport. Avoid heavy crates if possible.

Artwork can furthermore be sent in via mail to the adress below. Mark the package with the designated ID-number and Att. ‘Portrait Now!’.

The Museum of National History
Frederiksborg Castle
3400 Hillerød

Transport expenses by the designated hand-in stations to Frederiksborg and return will be covered by the museum. However, the artist must deliver and collect the artwork at the designated hand-in station where the artwork was handed in in the first place.It is up to the artist to insure the artwork during transport, competition and exhibition.
The artwork must be applied with visible ID-number. For paintings, graphic works etc. apply the Id-number on the back.
Videos submitted on CD-ROMS must also be applied with ID-number. Please send 5 copies of CD-ROMS directly to The Museum of National History, Frederiksborg Castle, 3400 Hillerød, Denmark. The material will not be returned.

The jury will select the winners of the competition as well as the artworks than will be included in the exhibition Portrait Now! The exhibition will be displayed at Frederiksborg from May to July 2017. A catalogue will be made.
Artworks not included in the exhibition will be returned to the designated hand-in stations and must be collected by the artist by a later disclosed date.
Artworks that are not collected may be sent to destruction if no agreement between artist and Frederiskborg has been found!

Questions and further information: contact Taja Danø at