Tredjepris / Third Prize 2017

Sara och hennes följe

Dorina Mocan (1954)

Sverige / Sweden

Sara och hennes följe / Sara and Her Entourage

Akryl på lærred / Acrylic on canvas

173 x 195 cm

Dorina Mocan was born in Romania. She studied art from the age of ten first at the elementary school of art, then the High-school of Music and Fine Arts of her hometown. Later she studied at the Art and Design University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania. She moved to Sweden in 1981. “I first met Sara around ten years ago when she was six years old, and I have painted her many times since then. I’m fascinated with her personality, her enigmatic air, her growing beauty and self-confidence – something I’m pleased to say that I often witness in young girls: filled with strength and expectation about their journey into life, full of hopes and dreams.”