Young Talent Prize 2017


Eva Helene Pade (1997)

Danmark / Denmark

Selvportræt / Self-portrait

Blæk på papir / Ink on paper

119 x 84 cm

Eva Helene Pade was born in Odense, Denmark, and is currently in her final college year at Sct. Knuds Gymnasium. She is a self-taught artist. The work Self-portrait has been created using exclusively black ink pens on white paper. The size of the pens used varies from between 0.05 mm to 0.8 mm. The work is solely composed of dots and intersecting lines. These dots and lines form the overall image: a portrait of a person. My work depicts my boyfriend, Frederik. The name of the work Self-portrait brings with it an exiting ambiguity because the work does not in fact portray me. Instead, I portray myself in the work and in him.