“Street Dirt” -1st prize, 2015

Street Dirt

Slava PTRK (1990) & Vladimir Abikhr (1987)


Gadesnavs/Street Dirt

Fotografi, træfiberplader, latex maling, lim, tape/Photography, hardboard, latex paint, adhesive tape

180 x 120cm, 45 x 30cm (2x3stk/2×3 pieces)

Portræt nu 001

On thursday the 7th of may the winners were revealed. Two Russian arstist won 1st prize, Slava PTKR and Vladimir Abikh. The Winning portraits are called “Street Dirt” and are indeed street dirt from Yekaterinaburg on canvas.
The Jurys motivation: Street Dirt, by young Yekaterinburg artists Slava PTRK and Vladimir Abikh, is more than a portrait series of the homeless; it is an art project with a clear mission, unique execution, and relevance. It is also a movement where the artists and their models aren’t the only participants, but absolute outsiders unknowingly take part – those who represent society itself.